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Prediction errors and well-being


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In this FREE webinar I will introduce you to the autistic style of predicting the world and coping with prediction errors.

Based on the HIPPEA-theory (High and Inflexible Precision of Prediction Errors in Autism); Van de Cruys et al., 2014) I will show how an autistic brain has a tendency to give too much weight to prediction errors. This leads to absolute and hyperspecific models and concepts used to predict the world. These absolute models result in even more prediction errors.

This vicious circle affects the well-being of autistic people, resulting in uncertainty, stress and sensory overload.

I will also introduce you to ways to break that vicious circle.

The 1 hour webinar starts on Wednesday January 11th at 7pm CET (6pm GMT London - 1pm EST New York), followed by a 15 min Q&A.

The webinar is in English.

To allow as many people as possible, only one participant is allowed per registration (but you can watch together).

There will be no recording of the webinar.

There will be no handouts of the presentation. I explained everything more in detail in my book "Autism and the predictive brain" (until the end of the year available at a discount at Routledge Publisher).

There are only 95 places available.