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Autism and the predictive mind

A new and refreshing look at autism

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Wednesday 18 May 11am-1pm CEST - (Europe) – 9am – 11am UTC

(5am-7am EDT - (North America)/ 7pm – 9pm Sydney  / 5pm – 7pm Singapore)

The webinar will be recorded and available for 48 hours after the live session.

Many ideas about the autistic brain are based on conceptions about the human brain that are outdated. The computer as a metaphor for the brain, with its input, processing and output, has been very useful in the past, but seems to be incorrect in the light of recent discoveries in brain science. A Copernican revolution is going on in neuroscience and it will change our ideas about the brain significantly. The brain is not working like a traditional computer: the brain is guessing more than it is computing. The brain does not work in a stimulus-response way. The brain predicts the world and it does so in a very context sensitive way. This is known as the predictive coding account of human information processing.

In this webinar we will explain predictive coding. We will explore what this new framework could mean for our understanding of autism. The predictive coding perspective offers some thought provoking new ideas, such as why traditional emotion recognition programs and traditional social skills training are not a good idea for children with autism and why autism friendliness is not the same as eliminating or reducing stimuli, because the brain does not process stimuli but prediction errors.


If you want to have an easy to understand introduction to what is known as the relativity theory of the brain and if you want to update your knowledge about not only the autistic brain but also your own brain, this is the session you need.