I am special. The board game

I am Special: The Autism Board Game – 2018

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Work together to build your own cartoon character! Perfect for educational settings, this collaborative board game shows the many ways in which we are all unique - to be used with young people with autism and those who are neurotypical.

Offering a playful and engaging way to encourage young people, especially those on the autism spectrum, to think about themselves and their wider environment, this cooperative board game is perfect for working with groups of children and young adults with autism of all ages (10 and up).


Each player works to create their own cartoon figure, emphasising how everyone is unique, and the figure includes elements that shows both how they look from the outside, and their inner characteristics. Games typically last around an hour, and discussion points are provided afterwards, to open conversation about their character, and about the nature of autism.

The 'I am Special' board game is an educational game that complements the I am Special psychoeducational workbook by Peter Vermeulen. 
(Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 2013).